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Born in 1982, We Jun is a writer-director and production designer, having undertaken the Art Direction Course at Pinewood Studios Malaysia under Oscar-nominated production designer Tim Hutchinson (Willow, Highlander), art directors Desmond Crowe (Alexander, Band of Brothers) and Malcolm Stone (Fury, Ironclad) in mid-2014.He has written and directed numerous short films, branded content videos and music videos, winning Best Short Film at the Festival Filem Malaysia Ke-27 in 2015 and prizes at Sundance Channel Shorts in 2014 and BMW Shorties Malaysia 2009.Several of his short films have been selected for official competition at film festivals in Japan, Germany, Mexico and Poland.

In 2015, he had been selected to direct "Coaster", a short film presented by Tiger Beer, during which time, he was mentored by Baltasar Kormákur (Everest). He has a passion for crime thriller genre movies, European classical art and music, architecture, local history and heritage.

Before all this, We Jun graduated with honours from the University of Kent at Canterbury in Actuarial Science, had a promising career in finance, and then in consumer durables.When he is not barely coping with his young children, he enjoys long walks by the beach with a fierce woman, preferably his wife.


Born in 1985, Benji graduated from Towson University in 2007 with a degree in Electronic Media and Film, and had since been involved in prominent social interest projects such as 15 Malaysia (2009), Undilah (2011) and Hari Malaysia (2013) for multiple award- winning musician and film producer Pete Teo. Despite his young age, Benji is a seasoned hand in the local film community, having himself produced and co-directed two independent feature-length movies, "The Joshua Tapes" (2010) and the multi-director omnibus "Cuak" (2014), which were released in theatres in Malaysia.

Benji had as well as produced and co-directed several short films including the infamous "Meter" (2009), which was screened in various internationally-renowned film festivals such as the Busan Film Festival and Rotterdam.He is a regular collaborator with director We Jun, most recently as his screenwriter for the short film "Coaster" presented by Tiger Beer, mentored by Baltasar Kormákur (Everest).We Jun’s debut feature Taiping Adagio, currently in post-production will be the third independent feature film produced by Benji, after The Joshua Tapes and Cuak.

Hobbies include regular visits to the gym and the occasional ruckus of storming into political press conferences to protest his opinion.