We are an experienced global production company with offices in Australia, Asia, and the U.S.A.

We have history, creativity and resources to ensure we deliver dependable production intelligence to every project we undertake.

We are driven to provide innovative and tangible results for our partners and clients, by creating versatile content, irrespective of the delivery platform – television, cinema, corporate, online, mobile and social.

We welcome you to partner with absolute confidence, your global production team, Nice Bike Content.

Head of Production
Contact: Ian Kenny

Line Producer
Contact: Brian Ho

North America
Executive Producer
Contact: Ivy Dane

Born in Collingwood 2007 to proud parents Tom Marks & Scott Pioro.

We wanted our kid to have a name that had no limits.
Something that evoked a point of difference with the same feeling of riding a bike as a kid (pre helmet laws) and the strange kid on the corner saying "Hey, Nice Bike

Being from a touring Aussie band Nice Bike life was all about Music Vids for while there. A cool start.

Tom was approached by Mercedes Benz to create something a little different: To evolve the test drive experience - a crazy, test drive guided by satellites and videos was sent directly to the car depending on where you were, was built. Our first world-first.

That same marketing team ended up at Jeep where Tom was again asked to help change the game. And they did. 2011ish Nice Bike took over all production for the brands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Saved the brand tons of cash and made some unprecedented and prolific content including all the "I BOUGHT A JEEP" TVCs.

Nice Bike's content models (before that was even a thing) designed to change brand culture did so even in the words of the FCA CEO, “Nothing short of disruption.”

The pull of the big apple was too big to ignore for Tom and Scott. Outside of opening the first office in SOHO Manhattan in 2013ish (now in Greenpoint Brooklyn) that band they are in got a few songs on big US TV shows like Gossip Girl and Suits. The band played SXSW a few years in a row with their world first 3D (really 4D) live show. They played in England, toured Japan and the USA a few times and played to 52,000 people at the Adelaide oval. The boys made an album with U2 and Peter Gabriel's recording producer/engineer at the same time as getting Nice Bike off the ground in the US.

2017 Tom then opened up NB satellite offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with partnerships with a digital agency to service their goals in providing a truly global service in a shrinking world.

2020 (just last weekish) Nice Bike created the NB Echo Chamber which adds all the SEO, Data and Analytics to all content which makes it accountable.